Monday, September 26, 2011

Holland Lager 1839 Beer

Product: Holland Lager 1839

Price: $4.99 for Six Pack

Rating: AAA

What we have here is Aldi's version of Dutch beer. It is actually made by Bavaria Brouwerij of the Netherlands, so it is authentic Dutch beer.  By looking at the green-silver bottle you can tell it is trying to compete with the Grolsch's and Heinekens of this world. And it's doing a fairly decent job at it. First of all I have to let you in on a little secret. The bottles of the six-pack are European sized, meaning they are slightly smaller than their American counterparts. You only get 11.2 ounces rather than 12.
The beer itself tastes a little less hoppy than the Dutch mainstream products with just a hint of bitterness. It's not an outstanding product but it still tastes good on a hot summer day. And the price is unbeatable for a true import beer.

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Greg Shaw said...

Thank You for reviewing this. I bought a 6 pack the other day to try. I find it a little on the bitter side but the price for a true import is like you said, pretty reasonable. Overall it is too soon to tell. I am sure they taste better with every bottle drank! Right now I just finished my first on an empty tummy. Also a bariatric patient here so alcohol is absorbed into the blood much much faster than someone with a regular anatomy. I also am now a real lightweight having more or less quitting bar the occasional binge, back in the 90's.